29 January 2009

1| an overabundance.

this morning, i set out to start my umpteenth blog (because i get tired of names really quickly, and to be quite honest, kaitlinwainwright.blogspot.com is not all that inspiring).

unbeknownst to me, there is an overabundance of underused blogs in the internets. carboniferous (my etsy shop and twitter) and herinfinitevariety (my tumblr) were both taken on wordpress and on blogger.

i would have simply registered my name, if my name were registerably simple: there are as many ways to spell kaitlin as i have fingers and toes, and wainwright...well, let's just say that my father used to get mail addressed to Mr. Wayne Wright (insert obligatory chuckle).

which is not to say that i'm not thankful for my name, but simply that i'm a little miffed that carboniferous.blogspot.com and herinfinitevariety.blogspot.com have not been updated since their first post. (then again, i'm the pot calling the kettle here, having abandoned my previous blog for its hacking capabilities).

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