29 January 2009

3| a tip of the hat to the earth (one)

i like sharing stuff. especially information. so, while i may be not so keen on the overabundance of unused blogs, i am quite happy knowing that my blogroll (mostly found through my favourites sidebar) is increasing in size. along the same lines, i like dialoguing, which is part of why i am a fan of blogs.

anyway, i'm not sure who all is aware of this, but most grocery stores still provide paper bags (in ontario, this was a pretty big revelation for me). you just have to ask, since they're more expensive. don't get me wrong: i prefer reusable cloth, cotton, et cetera (see photo). but today, for example, in the midst of lunch hour errands, i realized i needed cheese and hot peppers for tonight's dinner.

i really hate using plastic bags, because i reuse them once and then they get chucked. on the other hand, at the bottega near my office, i grabbed a paper bag from the bakery section, and loaded my tiny pile of groceries into it. the bag will then go into my paper scraps pile when i get home.

all of this is to say, if you have to choose between paper and plastic, remember you do have a choice, despite what grocery stores and bottegas want you to believe.

|credit greenbabyguide|

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