11 February 2009

17| stick, short end of.

wednesdays are my mondays right now, because of my schedule. i dislike mondays. more than that, i dislike having to experience them twice, every week. i am so unproductive on mondays {and wednesdays, therefore}, and being unproductive doesn't make me feel that secure about myself.

today is going to be a long wednesday/monday, which will hopefully allow for some serious blogging activity {both the reading and writing of}. i got to work at around 8:30, i will leave at 4:30, go to a meeting for ladyfest, return home to eat chilli and watch something {possibly make something as well}, and then head back out around 22:45 {10:45} to play ultimate. short. end. of. stick. yes? it's the first round of games for our league, so it was basically done by luck of the draw. my draw lacks luck, apparently. my game will finish at midnight. ugh.

onward. tech meeting, ho!

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