11 February 2009

19| {february} thaw

usually, for about six months of the year in ottawa there are sandwich board signs on the streets which read danger: falling ice overhead. on the other hand, i feel as though today they should have read beware: lots of water splashing from overhead.

the temperature today was a balmy +10, celsisus. 50 farenheit {one day i'll learn to do this without using google conversions}. i could have gone out at lunch and never come back for the rest of the day. except then i wouldn't have a job.

today is one of those days where the air feels so fresh, and welcoming. i wore my spring jacket and running shoes to work, because i could {and i must say, it looked pretty damn chic}. tomorrow will be a day for wellies. perhaps i can get away with looking like paddington bear?
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  1. I do actually look like Paddington Bear most of the time. I have a toggle coat and wellies and a wonderful rain hat that looks duffle-y. I hope you get to look like Paddington. You can tell everyone you're from Darkest Peru, and also carry bacon in your suitcase.