12 February 2009

22| when dessert for breakfast just won't do.

i just came back from the using the faucets in the bathroom of my office. using is certainly the most appropriate of words, because i think i had the water running for a good two of three minutes {long by my terms of hand-washing}.

luckily, it was not my pen that exploded, or a paper cut which led me to the water, but rather the most digustingly sweet and sticky pastry known to man: the sticky bun.

the sticky bun, as its name implies, is well...sticky. duh, right? this one was not only sticky, but flat out a greasy, sugary, icky mess. it was delicious {at the time}, but for a full fifteen minutes i couldn't do any work because my hands were covered in what i don't doubt was brown sugar, maple syrup and butter {ick}.

in light of this, i have what lisa simpson refers to as the remorse of the sugar junkie. except that i'm not a sugar junkie, and consequently it takes a lot less sugar than for most to make me feel remorseful. but it is remorse that i now feel. icky, sticky, ooey, gooey, sugar covered remorse {and the sucker wasn't even that big}.


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