22 February 2009

36| brides, i don't wanna be one of those.

thirty-six posts into this blog, and i still haven't mentioned my fiancé. probably, possibly, because i am in wedding denial. or, i was. i don't really love this whole wedding planning thing {aspects of it}, because it all seems so very cookie cutter, like the McMansions in the suburbs, and a lot of things associated with womanhood, there is only one way to do it, supposedly.

i am, however, engaged to my favourite and my best, as i call him. it's been a motherload of a long engagement {36 + months by the time we tie the knot. we did get engaged six weeks after our first date, and i was nineteen}. which is maybe why i've hated the planning up until now. or, maybe it's because i'm indecisive.

suddenly, however, i have found myself caught in a whirlwind of choice-making, which i am not very good at. and, so, faithful readers {all five of you}, stay tuned for more wedding-like talk. i promise, it won't actually be wedding-talk, but just rather my mocking of the wedding industrial complex.

a dear friend, in regards to other friends' invites: wow, wedding magnets! with the date! what a neat idea? who though of those?

me: the wedding industrial complex.

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