02 March 2009

52| i type in short form, when i am angry/excited/thrilled {pick one}.

i hate short form, especially in terms of chatting or instant messaging. i only use it, either when i am:

  1. in a rush
  2. incredibly angry
  3. thrilled

my facebook conversation with steph was one of those occassions {the fact that this is worthy of a blog is a sign it doesn`t happen often}.

on my parents, money, and taxes:

me: he {my father} can`t give me money, because he has none to give, but won`t let me be financially indpt. or, rather doesn`t want me to see how much of my money he *actually* lost.

(oh, btw, my parents--the broke ones, as opposed to the rich
ones--are going to f├Čng hawaii for two weeks, like wtf?)

on my parents tendency to see me as a sixteen year old, rather than a twenty-two year old:

yeah, it`s not that which bothers me, as it is that they haven`t
gotten the memo that said `your daughter is financially independent of you,
therefore you have no right to criticize how she spends her money, nor can your
micromanage the rest of her life through infantilization"

okay, maybe i don`t use shortforms as much as i thought. i just type fast and try to be poetic.

|credit e3|

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