06 March 2009

59| the incomporable list

i tend to make to-do- lists for myself on fridays, and these lists, unlike the lists of monday through thursday, are usually personal matters, cleaning, cooking, shopping, and so forth.

this weekend's list, which i'm making mentally and will probably put to paper {or blog} soon enough is a mile long. not conquerable, especially not if i want to have downtime.

  • make dessert for tonight {step one, figure out what i'm making} [edit: done. getting cake. making lemon buttercream. getting blueberries.]
  • decide on new phone plan [edit: done. $50 plan. but do i need voicemail? yargh. it's an extra $15 a month. hrm]
  • clean out closet, take clothes to valu village
  • fill in address book {so as to not scramble later in life for addresses}
  • write to heli
  • apply for three jobs
  • [edit: new thing--redo banner for blog, because this is seriously boring in all seriousness]

i know it doesn't sound like much, but that's on top of the usual stuff, like schoolwork, going to the gym, and cleaning, and grocery shopping. oh, plus i want to blog a bit more. and i promised andrew i'd stay off the computer tomorrow...yikes.

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