09 March 2009

63| schemes, be gone!

when andrew & i first got engaged, we waited an awfully long time to tell people. we got engaged six weeks after first meeting. it sounds crazy, but i file it under "when you know, you know".

when we first started wedding planning {a full fix months into our relationship}, i had envisioned this as our colour scheme...

i think this was the second colour scheme we had talked about. the first being tiffany blue and bright red.

can i tell you how absolutely, utterly exhausted i am of colour schemes? i was talking with my bridesmaid* about dress colours, and the dress that we both love doesn`t come in a green or red that i like. furthermore, our invitations don`t have a hint of red or green. lastly, i think our flowergirls** would look better in green, but then, they wouldn`t match the bridesmaid.

all of this is to say, screw the scheme. i want our wedding to be pretty, and fantastic. but i don`t need to stay within the lines of the colouring book for goodness sake.

sara was talking last week about the first thing that people say to you when you get engaged: "oh! that`s wonderful! let`s see the ring!" {sometimes without the "oh! that`s wonderful" part}. i really feel as though the second or third thing that is said is "what`s your colour scheme?".

wedding industrial complex, i truly hope that this recession takes a nice big bite out of you. reality, i need you appearing in my dreams a little more often. please.

*singular because my other bridesmaid ditched me for a trip to italy. not that i am holding a grudge. goodness no. it`s merely that i asked her some 18 months ago.
** we have two because we have two of everything. except bridesmaids. oh well.

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