11 March 2009

65| on the appropriateness of facebook statuses.

subtitle: these boots were made for walking

for most people, they're fairly simple: jeremy got up. cynthia is at school {and bored out of her mind}. neither cynthia nor jeremy are my facebook friends, however.

on the other hand, i have someone on facebook who tells the world about how her class went {yesterday: very well, but man she shouldn't have said so much about her private life, or so she feared}, or how she smells, or her party dress girl tendencies. don't get me wrong, i really do adore this person, and i hope if she reads this she won't feel outted. if nothing else, i feel like we're kindred spirits in facebook statuses. and that we're a little less afraid to speak to the world in 130 characters or less than the rest of it all.

which leads me to this morning's facebook status. mine, that is. or what i wanted it to be. before i pulled back and went "oh. is that appropriate? do i want 500 people to see that?"

my morning facebook statuses usually involve what i see on my way to work: people playing missy elliot far too early, spilled coffees and general anger that the morning began for a few too soon. this morning, all i could see were my legs. i've been working out for almost a month, and i have to say, my lower body is starting to look fabulous. to top it off, i wore a very cute summer dress with high boots.

i haven't updated because i'm not sure if i should be telling 500+ people that i think my legs are sexy. then again, i am telling this to all of the internets right now...

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