18 March 2009

74| living, et cetera.

since the discovery and subsequent quick disappearing act of domino, i for one have been searching for a magazine to inspire me. let's be honest, i don't think there is much that can replace domino, but it's nice to see some publishers' attempts.

i was walking through the bookstore on my lunch hour, and i thought "nah, the magazines all come out on thursdays, no point in looking today". but apparently, i was wrong, for i came across the most lovely little magazine called living, etc which is based out of britain.

i'm not saying that this is going to win over domino readers, but it certainly beats architectural digest, non? it feels like a nice combination between apartment thearpy and domino. with some british charm thrown in for good measure.

{sadly, the line was so long at the bookstore i'm opting to return later this afternoon.}
credit livingetc

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