19 March 2009

76| when is enough too much?

i had an interesting conversation with my trainer on tuesday, in which she asked me if i was going to the gym everyday. i told her what my activity routine each week was:
  • monday, tuesday, friday, saturday: gym
  • wednesday: ultimate
  • thursday/sunday: rest, with a good bit of walking or what-have-you thrown in

come summer, i will add sometime-monday and definitely-tuesday ultimate to the mix, and scale back my gym days by one.

well, my trainer didn't think this was quite enough, and was suggesting that i "step up" my routine on thursday and sunday to include a jog. puh-lease! i love how exercising makes me feel. but then again, i also quite enjoy a good walk through the neighbourhood breathing at a normal pace. srsly.

i get that she had my best interest at ♥, but last week, my workout routine was such:

  • monday, tuesday, thursday: gym
  • wednesday: two games of ultimate, both played without any girl subs {chalk it up to just under three hours of hard running}

why didn't i go to the gym friday. or saturday? or at all until tuesday?
because my body was f*ing tired.

so, please, don't ask me to do enough if it's too much. because chances are, the long-term outcome will be worse than if i do just the right amount.

ps: i've already lost just under 10lbs in three weeks. so, really, i hardly feel like i'm not doing enough.
ps: there is no such thing as a beautiful picture of "exercise". believe me, i looked.

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  1. maintaining a 5x/ week gym/ exercise schedule is impressive! esp. with work, wedding planning, and the rest of what life throws at you. seems like if you can maintain that & feel good about it (& lose 10 lbs. in 3 wks!), you're doing awesome. better that, than getting frustrated about not being able to keep up a more intense regime.