29 March 2009

90| saturdays are for...

this weekend felt like every other, where it all blurs together and nothing is as standout as it seems. except that this week was warmer.

  • kaitlin: 2. stairs: 0. the stairs are losing their battle. soon i'll have to up my sets at the gym.
  • deli sandwiches on the steps of parliament.
  • groceries in hintonburg.
  • napping
  • brownie making
  • dinner with friends, duplicity {for which i actually stayed awake and knit}.

it feels to me a bit like my weekends are the same, over and over, and while that provides for a certain amount of blogging consistency, i tell you it must be pretty boring. in fact, it is.

but the sun will soon be out on a permanent basis, and i'll be able to tell tales of hiking and biking and rollerblading and shopping at markets, and gardening. oh gardening. these are the sorts of days when i wish i lived in california.

1 comment:

  1. When you beat the stairs they give you a free pass to California.