30 March 2009

92| levelling up.

i've done it all {almost}. i've blogged from work. i've blogged from my other job. i've blogged from the library. i've been caught tweeting in class. i also had my cellphone go off in class once, two years ago, and it resulted in the professor answering it and embarrassing andrew {who was on the other line} more than me.

now, i am blogging in class. except that lucky for me, class hasn't quite begun. however, this is precisely the reason why i do not bring my laptop to school, unless absolutely necessary. i imagine this will change when i start graduate school. {bonus mark: all graduate students at carleton drink evian. comment.}

anyway. dresses. i really want something whimsical, funny, flirty, feminine and all around pretty for summer. i have two weddings, convocation and a host of other great reasons to wear such a wonderful dress {reading under a tree, for example}. 

the hunt carries on.


  1. I'm not much of a one for cute and fey, but I do like cute and clean lines. I generally like the clothes this woman posts about:http://simple-pretty.com/, for example, vs. the posts at Frolic let's say.

  2. Whimsical, but uncomplicated, I would say is my style. I know, these two of contradict one another, but I try my best to make them work (you should see how our wedding registry is going...)