14 April 2009

109| untitled.

my final day at practicum, and what am i up to? yep. photoshop. playing around with fun pictures of other people`s weddings. or celebrations. because really and true, a wedding is just a big kick-ass celebration that you don`t ever want to forget. and that is what my wedding is going to be.

the more i thought about all of this, the more i realized the importance to me, of being practical. and yet, being fun. but not too frivolous. also, for the record, captions marked with an asterik will be used in our wedding. as in, this is what this puppy is going to look like. {which only raises the question what the whole day will smell, sounds and taste like!}

from top left...
  1. invitations from ello there *
  2. strawberry jam from martha
  3. merit badge, "for tying the knot", leemeszaros
  4. bouquet from oncewed by way of tenthousandonly *
  5. twig ring set from esdesigns *
  6. wedding poster from ello there *
  7. photograph from littlecookies
  8. pom poms from pomlove * {we will be making our own, thank you}
  9. cake from the girl with the most cake * {only uses buttercream. oh. so good}
  10. dress from debra mcclinton via real simple
  11. cake plate from eddie ross
  12. photograph from photosforlife * {while we won`t be using mike the photographer, this is our venue}

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