02 April 2009

96| links, slink

at home, i have my links organized by purpose and in a hierarchal structure, such as:
  • entertainment
  • eating
  • shopping

under eating, i have recipes, restaurants, and blogs, under recipes i have "wedding menu", "baked goods" and "mains". under entertainment i have a whole variety of subfolders, ranging from "museums" to "photography". shopping includes "online stores", "real stores" and "indie artists" as well as "wedding registry" for the time being.

this is part of why i love opera and safari, they are very user-friendly things for organizing your internets. at work, we use internet explorer. and usually the things i save at work as favourites are recipes, and blog posts that i want to export after my contract is over. that said, my favourites sidebar is becoming crowded with beautiful posts like this that i want to remember for the wedding.

how do you organize your links?

1 comment:

  1. What? Organize links? What is this word 'organize' you keep using?

    Honestly, I don't know how I get anything done in the hodgepodge of links and images on my computer...