06 May 2009

123| a second home.

i started a second blog. not because i don't like my home here, because i do.
but rather, because i am going to be doing more cooking, baking, and making in the next four months than i ever have in my twenty-some years. and i couldn't be happier to share with all of you.

so, if you like sugar, and butter and eggs, and tasty things make from real food, you can find me at butter & patience. the story of which is as follows:

tonight while out for a walk, andrew & i were talking about the countless cakes that i have offered to bake for friends, family, my fiancé {andrew} and complete strangers in the next month. i mentioned something about the icing, and "if i have enough butter and patience". and so this blog was born. i love to cook and i love to bake. but sometimes i don't have the patience. not for the task, but rather for recipes.

it shall be an interesting four months. i will do my darndest to not get completely fat.

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