30 January 2009

5| juggling balls, not fire.

there comes a time in everyone's life, arguably several times, when there is a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in. if this is only one task, i'm usually pretty good. it's when one task becomes several that i lose my feet and end up yelling "wheeeeee" for the following week or so.

in addition to starting my etsy shop this past week, i am in the thick of starting two new jobs--one paid, one unpaid for school credit. i am also applying for graduate studies for two different programs {that have two different applications}. oh, did i mentioned that i was freaking about money until my student loans came through today! so, basically there has been a lot of stress under my hat for the last few weeks.

to make things even more up in the air, the buses in ottawa have been on strike for fifty {50} days. i would normally be pleased to do more walking and less driving or busing, but for fifty days, we have also had subzero temperatures and snow, snow, snow. so, my days have started at around 6 am, so i can get a ride in with my lovely boss. my days also end at around 11 pm because i can never get myself to sleep any earlier. but in the evenings, i veg, veg, veg, rather than work, work, work.

and so, with twenty-minutes left in the work week, i am telling you fine folks all about my procrastination, and how i tend to do this to myself when i have a lot on my plate. but it will all work out in the end.

it's almost like i juggle balls: i wait until the very moment that the first ball is at its peak before throwing the second one, so i can time it just right. i swear, it's all on purpose.
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