31 January 2009

6| saturdays are for...

  • ...scrambling to finish interest statements for wonderful professors who are writing you letters for grad school {phew!}
  • ...divine {however late} brunches
  • ...mucking around with other people's printers to ready your wedding invitations
  • ...playing with your niece and her friends {however violent}
  • ...listening to old, awful music {that you appreciated when it first came out}
  • ...taking photographs of dogs {that may not be yours}

after a conversation with eddyizm, i was determined to take my camera outside and remind it that it is loved, and is not just a tool with which i capture my other arts + crafts. so, off we went to bruce pit which is one of the few parks in the city of ottawa that dogs are allowed off leash. it is prime doggy-running-territory. camera in hand, i wasn't afraid to take some two-hundred shots of beautiful dogs and beautiful trees, running side by side. the owners of the dogs were equally pleased, and to my luck, many a hound believed that because i had a camera and therefore had treats {sadly for them, not the case}. this also meat a lot of close-ups, or near close-ups. some downright awesomeness {which i can't wait to edit}.

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