09 February 2009

15| shameless.

if there is one thing that i love about my program at school, it is the ability to take something completely wonderful, and turn it into a history lesson. i adore that my professors encourage this in us. what? you have an interest in comic books? why not study how comic books record history? oh, you like david bowie and the rolling stones? why not talk about the shamelessness of sexuality in popular music in the 1970s and 1980s?

why, i think i just might.

once i have finished my cultural studies midterm tonight, i can turn my focus to the lovely and amazing david bowie and all of his 1970s glam rock splendor. i could not be more excited to get to talk about mr. ziggy stardust himself for a whole 25-pages. even if it means i also have to talk a bit about the pet shop boys.

so, professor evans {because we are facebook friends, and we follow one another on twitter...so i do not doubt for a second you will one day come across my blog}, thank you for encouraging me to look to uncommon relics of sexuality for inspiration.

as much as i love cultural studies {with the exception of margaret atwood and northop frye}, i love bowie`s queen bitch even more.

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