08 February 2009

14| oh, happy day!

i love it when little things go right for people. it makes the day that much nicer, especially when that day is a monday. this morning, i rolled out of bed at a leisurely 8:30 {a full two-hours than i have been for the last two months}. a half-hour later, i walked to...a bus stop!

{ if you would rather not read about canadian politics, you may scroll down to the next paragraph}

ottawa, a city of just over one-million people {and a lot of suburbia} was without transit for just under two months. our bus drivers, as lovely as they may be, decided that december--when it is cold, and when people need to get places{exams, holiday shopping, doctor appointments...work}--would be a marvelous time to start striking, even though they had been without contract for nine months. needless to say, this also happened while our government was not in session, because our wimp of a prime minister was afraid of non-confidence motion that would move to either a coalition government, or another election. therefore, the government could not step in, and the municipal government had its hands tied.

to make shorter a story that is far too long, when parliament resumed, they threatened to force workers back, and the union caved. {this is the very, very, very short version of the story}. all of this occurred whilst ottawa experienced ridiculously cold temperatures. so, it is no doubt safe to state that we are happy to have our buses back today. {okay, so they’ve been back since saturday, but many people didn’t notice.

so, that is fairly sizeable. i can’t top that and i know it {i think getting to knit on the bus was my favourite part of my ride this morning}. but, i am ever so happy that i was surprised to find $25 more on my card for the local coffee shop than i had initially suspected. this is not to say that i’m rich, so much as to say that holy moley, i need to pay more attention to when i load money on to cards {even though this is the only store that i do it at}.

so, my day started out very happily.

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  1. All makings for a delightful Monday! Happy week, my dear!