13 February 2009

26| get your things and lose your way.

39.Get your things and lose your way.
i truly cannot wait for the summer to arrive. more specifically, i cannot wait for this snow to disappear, and to be able to spend ten hours outside a day: gardening, walking, photo-taking, patio talks, late nights by the lake.
and to be able to dress in single digit layers again. it appears as though all my weekend goals revolve around preparing for summer's arrival. just like the arrival of a good friend, i want to make sure i'm well prepared {even if summer doesn't show for another three months here}:
  • start planning trip with mikael
  • get ahold of lovely plastic planting pots
  • plant seeds and dirt into said pots
  • order more seeds
  • finish up planning of summer projects, via newly constructed planning board {planning is half the fun}
  • give self pedicure in order to prepare for the apocolypse of boots and wool socks, and the coming of the age of sandals
  • read about fashion trends and summer photography techniques while said pedicure dries.

this summer is apparently all about gardening and consumerism. but hopefully not too much of the latter.

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