14 February 2009

27| saturdays are for...

  • ... going out for a delicious, but incredibly early breakfast, with your friend + her daughter, in order to beat the early morning valentine's day breakfast rush. which is larger than every other saturday brunching rush.
  • ...playing endless rounds of twenty questions, whilst waiting for food, waiting for the bill, and whilst driving {my two favourites of the day: gordon ramsay and woody woodpecker}
  • ...reminding yourself why and how the dinosaurs died, and that your death will be much less interesting, and less widely studied.
  • ...taking a plethora of photographs explaining why the dinosaurs died and what they looked like beforehand {to be posted upon editing}.
  • ... finishing one of these.
  • ... making a delightful dinner, served with an even better red wine.
  • ...kicking ass and taking names.

all in all, quite possibly the best valentine's day i've ever had. surely it beats the one where i was stuck in an airport, and the one where my boyfriend was in chile. sans doute.

| credit little papoose |

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