17 February 2009

28| studying stones.

how was your weekend?

in ontario, there is this fabulous thing called family day held on the third monday of february. it's maybe three years old, this idea. all the shops close, all the museums close. and everyone, except for federal government employees {which is all this city is made of} have the day off. so, the day off yesterday i had {even though i work for the government...}

a friend of mine gave birth on sunday, to her second son. i would use adjectives to describe him, but i don't know what he looks like other than a baby with dark dark hair and big eyes, that looks a lot like his older brother did about eighteen months ago. anyway, one of her friends made a comment about how wonderful it was, that the baby came just in time for family day. i says, pardon? because it would be a tragedy if the baby came in time for st. patty's day? {i'm sure baby's father would think otherwise, actually). i know this person was well meaning, but seriously, babies are not things to make political comments about {unless you have eight of them, by in vitro fertilization, and the doctor put 6 embyros in your body. and then you ask people for money *sigh*}.

anyway, enough soapbox for one day.

credit boopsie daisy

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