18 February 2009

31| asparation, or: an asapargus and a broccoli walk into a bar.

whenever i eat a food that i don't normally eat, or haven't eaten for a very long time, i tend to look it up online, especially if i'm eating it at my desk. a few weeks ago, i found out that pears are in the same family as apples, and that a pistachio only has 3 calories per nut {i ought to keep more of both of these things around}. today's lunch was sourdough bread with hummus, feta and tomato. nothing out of the ordinary. however, last night, we made a stirfry that had asparation in it, and there was too much asparation leftover. so, i did what any normal asparation-loving person would do, and steamed it with soy sauce and sesame seed oil for a snack to take with.

that said, what the hell is asparation, other than the letting out of a breath? asparation is the trademark of Sanbon, Inc. for broccolini, which is essentially what you get when you cross asaparagus and broccoli. it was also cheaper than either the broccoli or the asparagus. regardless, it's delicious, and about as low on the totem pole of genetically modified organisms are you can get.


  1. Hmmm, never seen it! Must search for image.

  2. image added! i couldn't find any pretty ones of "aspiration", but the "broccolini" search turned up tonnes--aspiration is just the trademarked name {argh, why do we trademark whole foods?}