18 February 2009

32| doy, doy, doy.

our friends' son is eighteen months old, and very talkative, despite a limited vocabulary. he will tell you a very long story about a dog, or a dinosaur, and all it sounds like is: "doy doy doy doy doy" and on it will go. and it's really quite cute while he's doing it.

but, after several hours of hanging out with the munchkin, the doy doy gets into your head. and for a while, i would just say "doy doy" when i was sighing. now it's just running on and i can't stop it. almost like an ohrworm {german for catchy thing stuck in your head}, except twenty times more annoying.

i can't tell if this is a cause of my migraine, but it certainly is not the solution. i'm giving myself another half-hour before making like an eighteen-month old and going home for a nap.

credit martha stewart, via apracticalwedding

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