23 February 2009

38| aprons: making breakfast happier since the victorian era.

my most favourite food in the world is breakfast or brunch. i know, this sounds like a meal. but for me, it is a food in the same way that pizza is a food. not to say that i gorge daily on hash browns, sausage, and hollandaise on eggs, because i don`t. i would, if i could do it without weighing a metric tonne.

that said, breakfast is also my least favourite part of my diet. yep, i just used the d-word. ick. i decided last week to start working with a personal trainer, but naturally some of that also means changing eating habits. in short, erinn told me: no more pastries for breakfast. eat breakfast before you leave the house. the latter, i simply cannot accustom myself to doing. this morning, however, was a myriad of natural yoghurt, banana, and a half peanut butter sandwich. all for 400 calories. i will be adding sugar to the yoghurt tomorrow. also, the banana will be riper, hopefully.

on weekends, however, i will eat my eggs and sausage and biscuit. because breakfast is this wonderfully magically meal that makes me smile so much deep down inside {notice how ever single "saturdays are for..." post starts with brunch or breakfast?}.

problematically, going out for brunch is expensive, and on sundays involves a half-hour wait no matter where you go in ottawa, followed by being rushed out of the brunching place. sigh. so, hopefully there will be more brunches at home, "the eggs and sausage, tomato and maybe even homefries" kind of brunches, rather than the pancakes-are-easy kind.

one of my favourite things about brunch, as much as i love it as a food, is also brunch as a space. it is everything i want in a space, especially when we go to one of my two favourite places {stonefacedollys or jak`s}. the atmosphere is so relaxed and peacefully, the food is always amazing, and as a space, it`s very decluttering for me. jak`s has a plethora of recipebooks, and the sweetest servers.

this weekend, they were missing one of their regular girls, and so one of the servers brought along her friend to help out. she had the most wonderful apron: half-length, pink and brown, with little eiffel towers everywhere, and two very lovely pockets with lace on the edges. swoon. i felt like it was a magic apron, and with it you could make the most amazing breakfasts.

the hunt for my magic apron has begun.

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