23 February 2009

39| terrible sting and terrible storm

for a long time, i was obsessed with music, mostly in the top 40 pop genre, but nonetheless obsessed: with the charts, with the artists, with magazines about the artists, with the music.
somewhere around the age of nineteen or twenty, and the introduction of serious iPod use, i stopped searching for new music. i had my ani difranco, i had my canadian content, government regulated and encouraged. what did i need the radio for?
then, i met my favourite and my best, andrew, who fostered further admiration for ms. difranco, as well as bruce springsteen, the stones and taj mahal. and those were basically on rotation for the past two and a half years. it was kind of like i got into a relationship with music, and let myself go.
but, luckily, and magically, in the past six months i have slowly found myself returning to my musics and seeking out artists and bands, new and old. i cannot pinpoint when this started, but since the fall, my playlist has more than doubled, and i have happily found myself amongst the likes of classics like bowie and morrisey, as well as a plethora of new-to-me music, such as arcade fire {so behind the trends i am} and sufjan stevens, who was--until very recently--a mere name on facebook pages that made me go "wha?"
so happy to make your acquaintance, sufjan. swoon.

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