23 February 2009

40| joyful hearts ensue.

andrew + i decided on wedding invitations yesterday, after a long and hearty battle with each other, and many printers. sadly, it seems that printers need margins, and we just aren`t down with that.

furthermore, we want something simple. a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend revealed this:

me: well, we have the cake and the venue
friend: all you need is a judge then
me: well, the real pickle is invitations, right now.
friend: you know, you could just invite people.

so much for simplicity {his wedding had close to five times the number of guests we expect to host}.

that said, it`s one more thing to cross off the "list of things to lead to marital bliss" {ha}. why is it that the lists on theknot are more than 180 items long?
credit ellothere


  1. in a nutshell, yes :) the font with the details will be lowercase (because i forever right in lowercase).

    oh, i feel like such a bride-to-be.