04 February 2009

9| mimosas + marigolds

for the first time since before christmas, it is supposed to go above freezing this week. as much as i love, love, love winter in ottawa {and by winter, i mean the part where you eat hearty food and do amazing winter sports}, i am quite ready for some warmer weather thank you very much.
i don't remember who it was, but back in november, when i was just getting started into the winter season, someone wrote a post {in fact, i'm sure many people wrote a post} of things they would like to be doing in the summer, even though there was no summer to be found. at the time, i found the idea to be rather silly, since i was so thrilled to have winter plans, but now that winter is slowly winding down {what's that you say....six more weeks? heck no!} i am finding myself craving summer, and seed catalogs.

hopefully this summer will be long, because there is indeed many things i want to do.
  • plant my garden with mimosas and marigolds--lots of marigolds-- as well as edibles
  • take a photography course
  • play ultimate twice, if not three times a week
  • get out on my rollerblades (perhaps to and from work)
  • get my ass to a bunch of outdoor concerts, festivals and shows
  • volunteer in the lantern festival
  • buy some raw wood pieces and finish them outside
  • craft in the great outdoors with my niece
  • use the patio furniture, even if we don't have a patio.

the list will get longer as the weather gets better, undoubtedly.

|credit smellyblog|

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