05 February 2009

10| joker to the thief

yesterday was possibly the most productive day i've had at work since i started this contract. i went through some forty-odd folders and compiled research, then i took work home! i think i felt guilty for taking two hours at lunch on friday {my work week is wednesday through friday on account of being a student. therefore, wednesdays are my mondays}.

today, i'm slightly less optimistic about being productive. there are too many other things to look at and think about.

for starters, i've become absolutely addicted to three things in the past week and a half.

one, eddyizm being such an amazing photographer, has lead me on a the very addictive path to flickr {imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? when i see someone do something great that i admire, i immediately want to learn that skill}. even though i can't upload photos at work, i can edit them, and i can look at other people's. so. very. distracting.

two, i have taken to mixed-media art lately. i love working with glues, paints, and whatever the heck else i can find. i've been spending lots of time on etsy and craigslist looking for crazy free {or cheap} stuff to make things from. so far, my favourite find has been some old fake roman coins.

three, i'm looking for a change of scenery. nothing permanent. but i realized last night that this is the first time in seven years that i haven't had a planned trip! and i don't have a trip planned. so, for anyone who is interested in creating some sort of awesome excursion into the wilderness, or urbanity, please let me know, because i'd love to be a part of it. {consequently, however, i have been on travel websites all morning. mostly for the united states}

and, so, in between spurts and spats of this post, i have gone through maybe ten folders, about a half what i had done in the same amount of time yesterday. ugh, what utter silliness this work stuff is. all it does me good for is paying the bills and inspiring me to play more. when i should be working.

alas. at least i have amanda's valentine's swappity to look forward to tonight when i come home, and photoshop.

title credit: bob dylan, all along the watchtower
photo: gehoert mir

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