02 February 2009

7| price, percival

one of the courses i am taking this term involves a practicum under the curator of the house of commons. i am working to try and determine whether the peace tower {the main tower of the parliament buildings} were ever inaugurated, or if they just got their name through informal practices.

one of the routes through my research has been by way of the office of the carillionneur, who rings the bells in the tower at lunch and on special occassions. percival price, the first carilloneur of the peace tower was quite an interesting man it appears, based upon this letter to the deputy minister of public works:

percival price, the carillonneur, a civil servant on the staff of your
department...sleeps in the tower every night in spit of our regulations and
has bottles of milk delivered at the rear door of the house of

price {or perhaps more his archive}, in addition to sleeping in his office, also seems to be a huge lead for me, having one of the few original invitations to the inauguration.

so, mr. percival price, i raise my glass of milk to you, whereever you are.

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