03 March 2009

54| i'd rather be.

tuesdays are the weird day in my weeks. i start the day with a class, "a history of sexuality". i can't really put a definite pronoun on it {the, for example} because lord knows, it's not the history of sexuality, but simply a collection of histories that have to do with sexuality. today was about rape. and genocide. and war. and lots and lots of icky things, that make me rather happy that i chose glam rock and homosexual outings as my finaly research topic.

from there, tuesdays are loosey goosey, but usually involve food, friends, research, and maybe the gym. tuesday evenings are one of only two in the weekdays {friday being the other}, where andrew + i are both home.

all of this said, my schedule today is hectic, and mixed up from what i thought it would be last night. i got a call from my fitness club yesterday saying my trainer was no longer with the club {conspiracies abound: i think she was probably fired, which is a bit sad, really}. so, that axed out my tuesday workout with her {as well as my thursday one...until my new trainer can get in touch with me, all formulated workouts are off. i am pissed.}

i got a call this morning, on the way to my class on rape + genocide from andrew saying that our landlord would be home this afternoon, and "what time are you planning on being home, because he needs you to change the date on your march cheque from 2008 to 2009". whoops. i feel bad, i really do. i'd also rather give him cash, really, so i know the money is there. and more than changing the date, i'd rather write him a new cheque. not that i'm anti-saving-paper-trees, because i'm in favour of our forests {note the title of this blog...ahem...and my job in forestry}. that said, i also really don't want to have to wait until he comes home to change the date, because it means that i'm spending another half hour or so at home which i really don't want to {also, if i were to go to the gym, it means that i would be getting there around the same time as everyone else thus making the change rooms a tight fit}.

all said, i'd rather be. i'd rather be baking healthy cookies or muffins {because lord knows that the linzer cookies, while delicious, are deadly}. i'd rather be napping. or colouring {but not maps}. i'd rather be dancing. i'd rather be laughing. i'd rather be looking at fabric for flowergirl dresses. there are many things i'd rather be, but rather unfortunately, i have to be an adult for the time being*

*i do have every intention of informing our lovely landlord that i will leave a cheque for him in his mailbox. then, i will proceed to the gym in an orderly fashion and ask to talk to my trainer. i will be rather assertive about all of this, i think. and it will be good for me. but that's not to say i wouldn't rather be colouring or napping, because i would.

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  1. Ugh. What a day.

    Is there such a thing as a healthy cookie? If so, please post. Because you're right - those Linzer cookies do me no favors in the weight department.

  2. Good job doing grown things, even when naps and coloring call. (But soon you should color and then take a nap.)