08 May 2009

125| window shopping, cake.

it's been a few weeks since i've gone window shopping--mostly because i've been too busy with life to actually stop and look at what is in the windows. today, i might actually buy something {my quarterly sales tax refund came today in the mail}.

today's also my sweetheart's birthday. except that in three years together, i don't think i've ever called him my sweetheart. but he is. andrew is also a cake monster, according to his mother--and i can agree with that sentiment. so, i made his birthday cake this year, and i made him three small cakes as well to snack on this afternoon {they're cupcake sized}. i'll post pictures over at butter-and-patience later today {for fear he is checking the blog}. anyway, as if i haven't spent enough time with cake this week, i'm going to share with you some of my favourite "cake" things.

elephant wedding cake toppers, $75

pyrex mixing bowls, vintage

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  1. Oh mixing bowls, how I want to mix something!