16 May 2009

126| three months out, both feet in.

so for ignoring you all in the last week {all three of you?}. i started a new job with the municipal government that has very high restrictions on internet access {blogger won't let me sign in, but it will let me read blogs}. i also had the stomach flu, so yeah.

the week was ridiculously busy.

we settled on "catering".
by which i mean we talked to my friend sara, who cooks wicked good food. and we've hired her. and i'm so delighted about this. one very large thing to cross of our long list.

we went to the places that we registered at, and added and removed a few things. a rice cooker is simply something we don't have space for.

i've decided on maybe a parasol, or maybe not. so, i haven't decided.

also, i'm in the process of baking a cake for andrew's niece.

long weekend, you are going by too quickly.


  1. But what is the significance of the lovely what appears to be a clutch bag in the photo?

  2. I fucking love my rice cooker. Just saying.