06 February 2009

11| shakespeare's sister

a little bit of lovin' goes a long, long way. one more day until packages get sent for amanda's valentine's swappity and, to my luck, my swappity partner revealed some very interesting stuff about herself in her last blog post. we (or at least our hair) are not the least bit dissimilar.
tee hee. i'm still not quite done, but i think my niece will be able to help me out with that one.

i posted a motherload of photos to new sets on flickr. i have to say: why didn't i get a pro account earlier? i'm a little not on the ball with these things. flickr, skype, music in the great general sense of the word {i only discovered the marvelous arcade fire yesterday. srsly.}

for those of you who have not noticed, it is in fact friday. friday, i'm in love. friday gives me hope, and that makes me happy. though, i have little doubt that this weekend will fly past me like all the others before it {when you work full-time, weekends are precious things, not to be abused. abuse them with chores and they disappear like sand in your hands}. a full weekend. skating, curling, brunching, lots of doing. probably some crafting with my niece, definitely from cooking of delicious foods, and more likely than not some reading for myself. ah. four o'clock, please don't be late today.

| credit pia jane bijkerk | {personally, i really like the name pia}

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