07 February 2009

12| saturdays are for...

  • ...coming home completely, and unexpectedly plastered from a friend's at three in the morning.
  • ...waking up at 9 to go skating/curling/brunching, only to realize that you're completely hungover and standing in the shower, you once again become nauseous.
  • ...going back to bed until 1pm.
  • ...eating ridiculously crappy eggs and homefries in an effort to rejuvenate stomach and to make it look like you did this all on purpose, as though you were in college {but, wait i am in college, i just never drink}.

yikes. hopefully if i ever feel the strong desire {which i didn't at the time} to drink this much, i will go back to this blog and remind myself that, holy hell, it really is not a good idea. vodka, my relationship with you is over. permanently. wine, beer, we'll talk later.

i merely hope that the rest of my day is supremely better than the first half {not that the sleep wasn't good...it was the waking up from sleep}. fresh air, delicious chinese food, and the movie that should win best foreign language film if the critics have any say about it.

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