07 February 2009

13| rules, even computers need

having arrived at my least favourite coffee shoppe in the entirely city, i opened my laptop to find that: a) i have internet access {hurrah} and b) that my computer is in dire need of rules and regulations. more specifically, i am in need of dire rules and regulations for my computer.

i have crumbs {red velvet cupcake}, paint {a marvelously beautiful blue}, glue, and a handful of scuff marks on the once pristine cover of my macbook pro.  no doubt this is the least of my problems, however, given that i am now sober, i am also now realizing that our house is a bit of a mess, and that mess {read: my art being spread around our library + living room} extends unto my computer. no more, says i. 

i say that a lot. 

|credit unplggd |

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